A hands-on multidisciplinary educational event for high school students.



Since 2001, F|O|R|E|N|S|I|C|S WORLD™ has offered the unique opportunity for high school students to conduct a realistic and comprehensive criminal investigation of a fictional crime as a forum to demonstrate their knowledge of forensic science, criminal investigation, and the law.


Students are first provided an elaborate and entertaining fictional murder-mystery SCENARIO and are then presented with a simulated CRIME SCENE containing real PHYSICAL EVIDENCE

Actors, portraying a cast of SUSPICIOUS CHARACTERS – all with the means, motive, and opportunity to be the perpetrator – bring the murder-mystery to life by interacting with the students.


Competing teams of students manage their “criminal case” by performing the following diverse duties and responsibilities…


Students EVALUATE & RECORD the crime scene and any physical evidence…

Students COLLECT & PRESERVE any physical evidence they discover…

Students SCIENTIFICALLY EXAMINE the physical evidence in a mock-crime lab…

Students INTERVIEW & INTERROGATE the “suspicious characters”…

Students are THOROUGHLY ASSESSED on their performance by expert police officers, detectives, forensic scientists, and prosecutors throughout the competition. Evaluators utilize a comprehensive and elaborate rubric to categorically appraise and determine how well each team manages their criminal investigation in a fair, objective, and impartial manner. At the end of the competition students will PRESENT & DEFEND their findings, observations, and theories.

The top three schools with the highest cumulative score are presented with an award. The First Place Team also receives the coveted FORENSIC DETECTIVES CUP, which they proudly and prominently display in their school for one-year, until the next year’s challenge…



The C.S.I. Challenge offers exceptional EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS to students which satisfy National Learning Standards in the areas of mathematics, science, technology, civics, citizenship, and literacy.


The C.S.I. Challenge promotes a student’s PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT by engaging a student’s curiosity and challenging them to use deductive reasoning, creative thinking, and problem-solving techniques, while fostering core principles of leadership and teamwork.



Long Island University – C.W. Post Campus
New York Institute of Technology (N.Y.I.T.)
Touro College
Pace University
Suffolk’s Edge Teachers Center
Suffolk Community College

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office
Suffolk County Crime Lab, N.Y.
Suffolk County Toxicology Lab, N.Y.
Nassau County Crime Lab, N.Y.
Drug Enforcement Administration Crime Lab (D.E.A.)
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)


Suffolk County Police Department, N.Y.
Nassau County Police Department, N.Y.
New York State Police
Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)

Scion - Toyota Motor Corporation
Southern Container
UR Busted Inc.
Holiday Inn


Every aspect of a great educational experience is present in this competition – observation, hands-on lab work, critical thinking, cooperative learning, oral presentation – it’s all there. They are applying all of their skills in one amazing experience. 

          Angie Cancemi
          Jericho High School


The enthusiasm of the students, working cooperatively as teams, critically examining the crime, making hypothesis, gathering clues from the evidence to draw conclusions highlight how great this event is. It is a lifelong learning experience. The mock crime scene truly extends the classroom beyond the high school walls.

             Margaret Intregli
             West Babylon High School


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